Video: Selma Oxor's "Quiero Salir" [MEX]

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It makes sense that lyrics like, “Oigo la música del sexo, pues para mí no hay nada más que eso” would beget a video like this. And yet, I’m not totally convinced. Selma Oxor, Mexico’s synth-goth-priestess, just released this María-Tejeda-directed clip for her spooky 2012 track, “Quiero Salir,” and it’s stripper-heeled-Selma in a nutshell. She doesn’t give a fuck if you don’t agree with this video. She doesn’t give two shits if you or I or your mom thinks that what she’s doing is immoral or tasteless or unnecessary. She doesn’t care if you don’t want to see her vagina right now. You’re going to, because fuck you.

We have three instincts when we see this video. 1. Awesome, she’s hot. 2. Why, in 2013, do women still need to go the sex fetish route? And 3. Awesome, subverting gender-sexual roles like a boss. These aren’t the only reactions one is allowed to have and they might not be Selma’s intention. But “intention” means nothing in art so speculate away! Or don’t. Just watch it. Oh, and kudos to Selma for showing us a more literal way to jerk off to a computer.

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