VIDEO: Sexydance's "Fin Del Mundo"

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Remember the whole charade about the end of the world that was supposed to happen a few months ago? Seems so ridiculous now, right? Oh well, I don’t think that was the kind of armageddon that Sexydance had in mind when they titled their latest album and its second single “Fin Del Mundo” anyway, but the song’s lyrics don’t make it any clearer either.

The video, however, gives us plenty of clues. Apparently their apocalyptic prophesy doesn’t have anything to do with the Mayan calendar and a lot to do with the decadence and decline of a corrupted secret society that indulges in glamorous polyamorous orgies (à la Eyes Wide Shut) and squander champagne while dressing in gold, until the bomb explodes.

Lots of homoerotic epidermic exposure and some boob-grabbing in the middle of a threesome in this video for an upbeat electropop tune that really complies with the two decrees implied in the band’s name: sexy and dance. Epic.

[insert-video youtube=OeSlL5KMmNU]

Download Sexydance’s “Fin Del Mundo” below: