Video: Sharif's "Credo" ft. Alba [ESP]

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I mistakenly disregarded this video when it first came out, assuming it was some religious thing. The name of the song, the chorus, the unfamiliar MC rapping in front of a church, all clues pointed in that direction so I thought this was some Christian rap shit and I didn’t even finish it.

For the past two weeks, however, I saw this video coming back to me, time and time again, through social media, posted by every single respectable Spanish hip-hopper I follow, and the unanimous consensus seems to be that Sharif is the newest contender for the throne of best Spanish MC and this song is the new anthem of the scene. So I finally gave it an unprejudiced second chance.

They were right.

More than just a talented MC, this young Zaragozan is a philosopher and a poet. “Credo” is the second single off his acclaimed second solo album, produced by Lex Luthorz, and it’s not about believing in any specific god, but in humanity. Regardless of how you feel about hip-hop in general, or Spanish rap in particular, this is a beautiful poem that anybody with a molecule of sensitivity can relate to.

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Download Sharif’s Sobre Los Márgenes below: