Video: Silverio's "Perro" [MEX]

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How does such a simple song get such an epic video? We’re talking about coconuts, dancing underwater, a red speedo stolen from FBI agent Fox Mulder’s closet, and a guy who looks like the bastard child of Kenny Powers and Carlos Valderrama dressed up as a used car salesman.

Perro” is the latest track from Silverio, the best guy you’ve never heard of. He and his hair have been writing, recording, and performing in Mexico City since 2002 with some help from label Nuevos Ricos. It’s been eight years since he released his debut “Yepa Yepa Yepa” and he and his trademark speedo haven’t stopped partying since.

This new party takes place at some post-hurricane apocalypse paradise with two girls summoning Silverio by chopping a coconut in half. He walks out of a lake and, with a cowbell in hand, gets the party started. He dances, he barks, he even walks on water!

[insert-video youtube=mhUisG1QlCg]