Video: Skeptic & Unochosiete's “Balance Perfecto” [P.R.]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

A game of opposites is displayed between the images and the track. On one hand, you have the dreamy keyboards of the joint courtesy of Puerto Rico’s beatmaker Skeptic, paired with the raunchy lyrical stylings of rapper (and fellow boricua) Unochosiete. And to top everything, the video features images of the duo kicking it in the streets.

“Balance Perfecto” is a track from the duo’s collaborative record UnochoSkeptic, and it features amazing music from the producer. Lush washes of sound are paired with solid rhythms for rhymes delivered by Unocho; frank declarations about sexual activities that are about to unfold get kicked up a notch thanks to his delivery. The track pairs serenity with bravado to achieve something not heard often.

The video is a stroll through the barrio, a panoramic of green fields that features vintage cars and poultry. Both performers inhabit these desolated stages that seem to be rid of any other person. It’s like PR was for them and them alone, and they feel right at home– they don’t need anyone else.

Watch the video here.

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