Video: Sonido San Francisco's "Sonidero Total" [MEX]

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Sonido San Francisco started as a DJ’s sound system, or as they call those in Mexico, un sonido. Later on they started to incorporate live instrumentation and they ended up becoming an actual band, but they kept the name.

After scoring a couple of underground hits in their hometown, the self-styled “creators” of synth-cumbia from Xonacatl√°n, Mexico, are now getting ready for a proper album release. Sentimiento Electr√≥nico will be its title and it’s dropping soon through Discos Intolerancia. This is the first single off that album.

“If you like tropical music you’re sonidero total,” sings guest vocalist Corina Lawrence in this track after she materializes out of thin air in a confusing event involving a gem with a face. Meanwhile the band takes a psychedelic trip that transports them from a run-down basketball court to some magic cumbia land and from there to a packed house party. Kids, mix drugs and cumbia at your own risk.

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