Video: Sonido San Francisco’s “Vacílela” [MEX]

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Prepare yourself for nalgas that are out of this world! I’m not being metaphorical either. The unlucky dudes from Sonido San Francisco decide to try their luck by chasing a trio of sexy fembots from Planet Heartbreak. If my maps are correct, it lies in the Cockblock Galaxy.

Our heroes gallantly, yet vainly, plod forth leaving the safety of their favorite cantina on Planet Xona in the hopes of getting some. What they get instead is an epilepsy-inducing dance battle. It’s the only way to fight the heartbreak death rays of the all-woman planet.

These locos will be at Pachanga Fest in Austin this Saturday, May 10th. That’s also Mother’s Day in Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, so if you identify with any of the three and are still wondering what to buy your mami so as to avoid the guilt trip of all guilt trips, hint-hint wink-wink.

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