Video: Sour Soul’s “Undermine” [MEX]

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Mexico City’s psych-rock quartet Sour Soul has been evolving ever since they came onto the scene in 2007. From pure rock/industrial arrangements to more organic, tropical soul sounds, the band has been relentless in expanding their breadth of influences. Now, the group has just released the video for the first single off their third album, Shadow Order. The high-concept production for “Undermine” may as well be an introduction to the world of the masked order, where disturbing the peace might end in a death sentence.

Directed by Kane Lee Kwik Allan and Julio César Rodríguez, the seven-minute clip is the story of the shadow order: a group of masked men working tirelessly in the mines and fields for those higher up in the hierarchy. The focus of the story is a hand-crafted box that emanates a green light. We never know what’s in the box, but the shadows that are released by the master disturb the eerie, cult-like calm of the masked women who band together to do whatever it takes to restore their world order.

Scoring the short is Sour Soul’s expertly played mixture of eerie tropical funk and psychedelic rock. The filmmakers matched every stare, sickle and knife wield to the song’s bombastic drums and searing guitars. The production also features one of the most beautiful photography works I’ve seen this year, courtesy of Allan and Jordi Planell. This and the Ana-Cecilia-Ruiz-designed masks give the story a powerful yet subtle quality that will most certainly leave you breathless.

Along with the superb work that is Shadow Order in its complete form, this could be a contender for one of the best albums and best videos of the year. Check it out below.

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