Video: Spain's pop rockers Napoleón Solo Announces New Album

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Last summer, the Granada-based quintet Napoleón Solo wowed us with their cheery pop rock amalgams and alternating high-pitch to low wispy vocals (especially in “Lolaila Carmona“) at the LAMC, while showcasing their 3-track Será Maravilloso EP. Among Spain’s indie music scene, Napoleón Solo stands out for many reasons. And or one very good reason, the morphing vocals on frontman Alonzo Díaz sound like multiple voices coming out at once; screechy, breathy, and dolce.

Following the debut of the lauded Napoleón Solo en la Ópera (2010), and under the über production skills of heavyweight Café Tacuba‘s Meme, the Granadino band announces a sophomore album Chica Disco via El Volcán Música, to be released soon. We’ll leave ya with a ‘the making of’ video of their forthcoming shot in their native hometown at Peligro en La Alpujarrada recording studio.

[insert-video youtube=OlNL-uplXl8]