Video: Super Spanish Combo's "La Hipoteca" (AGFA Remix) [ESP]

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Last July we introduced you to Super Spanish Combo, who had recently released a dope collection of remixes for free download. This one here is one of those remixes, by All Good Funk Alliance, that got made into a video.

Their song “La Hipoteca,” in its original form, already had a video, so for the remix they didn’t shoot a whole new one, they basically remixed the video too, using the same original footage, but making it funkier. I don’t see why people don’t just do that more often.

If you’re not familiar with the Combo yet, and you are open to the idea of mixing politically conscious rap en español with traditional Latin American rhythms, I suggest you download these remixes and if you’re really down, their original album is available in digital and vinyl.

[insert-video youtube=4hIjZuEcEIA]