Video Teaser: Ella Y El Muerto’s “Dame Más” [MEX]

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Switching careers is always a gamble no matter who you are or what you do. It’s an especially tricky one for celebrities because the results can either be surprising in a positive way or hilariously bad. Celebrities like JLo, Will Smith, and David Bowie (favorite role: Nikola Tesla in The Prestige) have seen great crossover success. On the other hand, there’s been tons of laughable misses such as Joe Pesci’s musical career (as Little Joe and Vincent LaGuardia Gambini) and fútbol legend Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s appearance in telenovela Triunfo Del Amor.

Naturally, we were hesitant when we heard that actress/model Camila Sodi was set to take the same leap, despite the fact that she had teamed up with Saúl Ledesma (the Muerto of Ella y El Muerto) of Radaid. Sodi’s musical shift has been pretty ear-catchy so far thanks to dark pop tunes such as “Señorito Corazón Venganza” and “Amores Reales.”

Her latest single/video, “Dame Más,” will be out soon and, not gonna lie, we’re looking forward to it.

[insert-video youtube=XsXXQ7WugAg]

Download Ella y el Muerto’s Ella y el Muerto below: