Video: Technicolor Fabrics' "A Lo Lejos" [MEX]

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So I guess it’s been a month and a half since Technicolor Fabrics dropped a single/video, which means that it’s about time for a new one. As part of the #CadaMesYMedio project, Mexico’s Technicolor Fabrics has shared their second entry, the slow-burning “A Lo Lejos,” mixed and mastered by Broken Social Scene member/producer (and frequent Chikita Violenta collaborator) Dave Newfeld. “A Lo Lejos” is a more introspective entry than their first, the jittery and neon-flared “Oasis.” The Art Lab takes the helm on this one, juxtaposing over-exposed images with seemingly nostalgic home vids that further a type of visual language for the song’s intimations.

[insert-video youtube=14_9CKf-G1E]