Video: Teen Flirt's "Welcome Home" [MEX]

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Mexican producer Teen Flirt soundtracks the trailer of an imaginary narco cinema film. It has every single element you would imagine: thugs, guns, girls/strippers, and drugs; each of them in large quantities. On the “Welcome Home” music video, directors Cruz Lee and Ricky Mansilla show a glamourized version of the life of young narcos in Monterrey, the producer’s hometown. Some of these scenes are inspired by real-life events, and that’s kind of scary.

David Oranday–the real name of the masked producer–is releasing his new EP, also called Welcome Home, on his own Finesse Records soon. On the title track, he keeps some of the hazy textures from his earlier works, now mixed with today’s R&B and trap, and even a hint of Jersey club. The combination of the song and the video is unexpected and antagonistic, and that’s precisely why it works so well.

Watch the video for “Welcome Home” here:

[insert-video youtube=-kmKgbaQy_I]