Video: Templeton's "La Gran Ciudad" [ESP]

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Cantabric pop-rockers Templeton know how to turn the routine drive home of some average Joe into something a bit more luminous. On their third studio album, ROSI, these depictions of modern life come out with wholeheartedness and some kind of goofy elegance that’s been interpreted in the video for “La Gran Ciudad.”

Directed by Carlos Vermut, the band (credited as The Clan) is spying on a jaded couple slowly reconciling, while starting a huge fight against themselves. Maybe it’s their way to protest against an over-decorous world, or just an excuse to vent together on camera. One message that sticks is that honest relationships, like the ones the Templeton friends have, will always prevail over the sense of unease and agitation caused by an empty fridge.

ROSI is already out through SONES on both digital and physical formats, in case you want to blast it on highways from Madrid to Ooo.

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