Video: The Plastics Revolution’s “Natsuko” [MEX]

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This one should be familiar to those of you who check this site regularly. The band premiered the single almost exactly two months ago and we immediately fell in love with its shiny, glimmering guitar chords and the sounds of orca whales (yes, orcas!).

The video definitely does this wonderful song justice. An animated dude in a cape is on a quest to find his missing friend, Natsuko. He takes off on his trusty orca whale (relation to Shamu unknown) before falling into a portal of video game and pop culture nostalgia where Nintendo, the Simpsons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, and more make appearances.

Sadly, the fate of Natsuko is still a mystery at the end.

[insert-video youtube=HNmEWmv7fXo]