Video: Thes Sinestros’ “Matorrales y Artemisas” [ARG]

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The next stamp on my passport is going to be Argentina. I’d love to go there and hit up all the local rock shows, including one from Thes Sinestros from La Plata in Buenos Aires (it’s kinda like how the city of Los Angeles sits in Los Angeles county…right?).

Thes Sinestros is a psych-pop/indie outfit featuring members Juan Irio, Marto Remiro, Flav Dettbarn, and Manuel Balonga. The quartet released its fourth album, Dorado y Eterno, in August of last year and recently released a video for its latest single “Matorrales y Artemisas” (also featured on the group’s 2013 EP release, Singles).

The video takes a cue from the album cover, featuring a cabin in the woods with a majestic stag straight chillin’ by the front door like he’s been waiting for you. Some guy wears a deer mask in the video to represent said stag and spends most of the time performing some weird interpretive dance.

There’s also a little story attached to the album about a protagonist seeking refuge in the cabin in the woods, which you can read about at the band’s bandcamp page. The song serves as an intro to the main character as he’s welcomed into this new and strange land. You’ll have to listen to the album to learn the entire story.