Video: Tino El Pingüino's "Ve Nomás" [MEX]

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Seriously, this is so good that I had to watch it twice and now I have the melody and the hook stuck in my head on an endless loop. And that’s not even taking into account how original the video is, or how dope the skills of whoever is scratching at the end. “Ve Nomás” renewed my hopes in Latin American hip-hop.

D.F.’s Tino El Pingüino (is there an animal less Mexican than a penguin?) is definitely one of the most talented emcees of his generation and wisely avoids all the stupid clichés of the genre, resulting in something unique that can appeal to any crowd. No nonsense materialism, sexism, or faux gangsterism here. Tino is clearly more preoccupied with writing well-crafted rhymes than claiming any street cred. Well done!

[insert-video youtube=yhti1odiZOY]

(Photo Credit: Daniel M. Torres)