Lorca meets Elton John on Torreblanca's video "Sí"

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How many times have we seen the runaway bride fluttering her freshly frilled locks, bouncing in slow motion across a screen, escaping her doom at the alter? It’s a played out trope, but something about the Fiona Apple meets JP Harvey build up on this exquisite and quirky number by Torreblanca wants so desperately to revive the cliche that you can’t help but fall into the melodrama. The short stammering, strummed pianos along the journey take us to Elton John on a Latin American Wednesday.

Somewhere in his lush curls, Juan Manuel Torreblanca is churning a tragedy, and despite all the irony of this track one can’t help but smile. Alex “Tio” gives a virtuoso performance with his un-Kenny G wind works. It’s the poetry of this song that saves its buoyant and often flippant excursion from love. Like Lorca after sushi and a stroll through el centro de Coyoacán, where this clip just so happened to be filmed earlier last month, the quaintness of the ride and the bitterness of the end, makes for a sublime occasion. Frankly, this is a good song, with seasoned musicians at the helm and well, one would only expect a stupendous video with lively and surprising animation to come from the likes of Arts & Craft MX.

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