Video: Toy Selectah ft. Rey Pila "Villian Chillin (Don't Be Afraid)"

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Control Machete alumni and nu-cumbia pionero Toy Selectah is the mastermind behind a cluster of gnarly remixes such as Vampire Weekend, Santigold, Morrissey, Babasonicos Banda de Turistas, and his very own Sonidero Nacional. Now this Monterrey native is making quite the collabo with Mexico City’s up-and-coming indie rocker Rey Pila (who we recently had the thrill to have him perform at The Spot). Well this isn’t the fist time this cool Mexican duo join the audio waves and create groovy mixes and melodies, just listen to their “No Longer Fun” remix.

So it just is Toy Selectah, featuring Rey Pila, presents to you a second music video “Villain Chillin (Don’t Be Afraid)” as part of a five video series deal with Red Bull Tour Bus, directed by Chicle. The track features Rey Pila’s signature high pitch vocals, outta control greña, and b-bopper moves in which he duels with a sombrero-wearing mariachi, and of course Selechtah’s funky infusion of nu-cumbia rhythms. So chill like a villain, don’t be afraid, and check out the cool beats and moves! (Though I’m getting hotter watching Rey Pila with a thick leather jacket in the desert — it’s over 90-degrees in NYC!)