Video: Trillones' Dreampop World in “Hasta En Sueños Te Defiendo” [MEX]

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Is anybody else reminded of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” with this video? There’s a hand-drawn quality to the images that makes me think of ’80s synthpop stars from Sweden.

Polo Vega might not sell as many records as the Golden Age of MTV stalwarts, but he is definitely a visionary. His project Trillones has been making waves all year long with his exquisite blend of electronics and dreampop. His EP Naive Again has been a highlight in a very good year for Mexican music, and this new single proves its staying power.

Vega says that this video presents “many realities, a single story in a dream world.” With its chiming synths, rhythmic accents, glissando melodies, and slight ambient bend, “Hasta Entre Sueños…” is perfect fodder for this type of screenplay. In the video (shot by Polo himself with his iPhone), a journey begins with the rescue of a damsel who then gives the protagonist a piece of electronic gear. From then on, the lead exchanges many pieces of music until the end where he finds his ransom…or not. What does it all mean? Vega says that sometimes you wake up before you get an answer.

Polo once told Remezcla that he is “making music with cold machines to warm your soul.” Not only is he keeping true to that motto, but has also successfully translated it to the visual front. Keep an eye open for the many musical references, including shout outs to Static Discos and Indian Gold.

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