Video: Twin Shadow Covers 112's "Cupid" [USA]

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Y’all remember 112? Those smooth-faced, baby-voiced Atlanta boys? No? You do remember “Peaches and Cream” though because you were alive at some point in your life. Twin Shadow did not cover “Peaches and Cream” because he’s more of a 112 deep cuts kind of guy, so he opted for “Cupid,” a less Bad Boy Recordsy track.

The cover is part of Twin Shadow’s monthly attempt to cover songs his fans request (Under the CVRS). I don’t know what beautifully twisted soul requested “Cupid” by 112 but we all have him/her to thank. Twin Shadow’s approach is, of course, his own and funkier than the original. Less R&B, more electro-ballad. Stick around till the end when Shadow belts out lyrics like “Ain’t no doubt about it/ I’d rather die before I lie to you.” It’s just, really good. Watch Twin Shadow’s “Cupid” version below and the very earnest original as well.

[insert-video youtube=qYFQE5XZNO8]

[insert-video youtube=x9gZe254o_s]