Video: Ulises Hadjis’ “Aquella Ciudad” feat. Torreblanca

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Singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis continues warming our collective hearts with every release and that, um, tradition continues with his new video for “Aquella Ciudad.” The song is the second single off last year’s Cosas Perdidas album and also features a collaboration with Juan Manuel Torreblanca because, apparently, he has enough free time to collaborate with the entire universe.

The video is something of a visual love letter to Japan as Hadjis and Torreblanca are seen performing in Japanese gardens, plazas, etc. Our favorite segment? The portions of the video featuring manga-style Hadjis taking pictures of manga Japan with his manga camera.

Also, if any of you out there know how to read kanji, please post a translation of the subtitles in the comments. We’ll (probably not) send you a free t-shirt in the mail!

Check out the video below and get your hands on Cosas Perdidas if you haven’t already.

[insert-video youtube=f0Kzg4lhE-E]

Download Ulises Hadjis’ Cosas Perdidas below: