Video: Unochosiete’s Short Film, "La Flor o La Pólvora" [P.R.]

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Unochosiete is a little guy from a little island whose sole purpose in life is to do big things. The artist from Puerto Rico began his musical career as a composer of all things hip-hop and R&B. Somewhere along the way while studying abroad in Madrid he decided to toss that out the window in exchange for the retro, ’60s sounds of garage and surf rock à la Dávila 666. It was there that he recorded La Flor o La Pólvora.

In an equally huge leap, Unochosiete forewent the usual single-with-music-video approach in favor of something more artistic: a short film based on the LP. The video, by Silvino Edward, features the artist and Gabriela Rivera Cirino as a couple doing couple things in some unknown paradise of perfection. Interestingly enough, the short features a song by SKEPTIC during the first half before jumping into Unochosiete’s “Del Uno Al Nueve.”

It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s beautiful.

[insert-video youtube=L7Pj4WXy9z8]