Video: Various Artists' "Capea el Dough 2K14" [R.D.]

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If you’ve wanted to see damn near every Dominican rapper in one 14-minute music video, you are in luck. With an ensemble of 23 emcees (Vakero, Nipo, Mozart La Para, Poeta Callejero, etc), it’s clear that a lot of people are involved and props are due to everyone for putting egos aside and making time to make something that stands for their culture. Everyone holds their own while their styles become the standout factor as the song goes from verse to verse without slowing down. Most notable are appearances by fallen artists Cirujano Nocturno, who’s brought back thanks to computer graphics à la holographic 2Pac from Coachella 2012; and Monkey Black, fittingly getting the last verse before the video ends in his memory. “Capea El Dough 2K14” is a proud moment for the Dominican urban scene and its fans.

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