Video: Velva Room's "Hyperactive Tony" [MEX]

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In an ideal world, music videos are an extension of a song – a visualization that in some way captures or enhances its content. In practice, this doesn’t always happen (aka 90% of Lady Gaga’s videos…). Yet this is what Velva Room, hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, has accomplished with their new video “Hyperactive Tony.” Combining a haunting, yet alluring song with surreal imagery, the track is the first single from Velva Room’s upcoming album, slated for a February release.

The video opens with an instant introduction to a Buñuel-esque dream: an eye stares at the spectator, followed by images of a dark room with drawings of eyes. It’s all very… eye-catching. The song is an eerie lullaby that deploys contrasting sounds to create perfect, shivers-down- the spine sensations. It’s hypnosis, with a carnival scene in the video that pairs nostalgic childhood imagery with something uncanny. Basically, it’s beautiful and it will give you the creeps.

Velva Room’s sound is heavily based on psychedelic rock, but it expands sonic boundaries with the aid of its instrumental ensemble, creating an experimental-driven result. With this video, Velva Room has firmly established their sound and aesthetic.

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