Video: Volcán Varado’s “Al Momento De Correr” [MEX]

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Tijuana haters will tell you that San Diego’s cross-border sister city is a cesspool of crime and poverty. The truth, as usual, is far more complex and life there is actually pretty “normal” according to, uh, some standards of modernity or whatever. Neither is it the sombrero/sarape/tequila/marijuana fest far too many TV shows and FRAT BRAHS think it is.

Volcán Varado’s DIY video for “Al Momento De Correr” is one example of the life in TJ people don’t realize exists (because they’re stupid, teeheehee). You got a young kid with his guitar, jamming out a little tune in his room covered from wall-to-wall with music-related etceteras and what-not. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ROOM IN THE WORLD, OMG!!!

Swing over to his bandcamp page to listen to more.

[insert-video youtube=svbX4JIV-QU]