VIDEO: Wendy Sulca Gets Trolled on UStream

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If you already know who Peruvian web sensation Wendy Sulca is, you get the green light to scroll to the bottom of this post. If you don’t know, here is a crash course:

EXHIBIT A: Viral YouTube huayno hit “La Tetita” released when Wendy was 12 years old. There are a lot of amazing things about this video (the random shots of women breast feeding, the random shots of animals breast feeding…) But my favorite part by far is Wendy’s toddler hype man (see: 2:30) who has ALL OF THE MOVES. There are actually no more dance moves left in the world, for this child has them all.

[insert-video youtube=693m7iCh-TE]

EXHIBIT B: Viral YouTube huayno hit “Cerveza” released when Wendy was 13 years old.

[insert-video youtube=DuoCd7UEkpc]

While it might seem pretty risqué that the two songs that catapulted a 12 year old to fame were titled “The Titty” and “Beer,” interviews with Wendy (who is now 16) show the she is actually a pretty wholesome, innocent young teen. Now, a video has surfaced that reinforces just how naive poor Wendy is. While doing a UStream Chat for fans, she was trolled by users who sent in fake names that are actually double entendres, getting her to say all kinds of lisuras out loud. Remember Bart Simpson’s prank calls to Moe? That’s basically what happened. Check out the video below of Wendy unwittingly saying all kinds of foolishness (“Elber Galarga, Zoila Vaca, Alan Brito Delgado, Benito Camelo, Elsa Porrico, Debora Melo, Mari Conazo, Sampa Teste, Mario Neta, Rosa Melano,” etc.)

[insert-video youtube=GyoVuZDmafM]

h/t to Guanabee.