Video: Wild Honey’s “An Army of Fat Synths” [ESP]

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Recently, Wild Honey released their second album, Big Flash, which sees singer Guillermo Farré slightly departing from the semi-acoustic, drum-heavy sound of his 2009 record, Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug. Far from having abandoned the happy-go-lucky folk sound, Wild Honey expands his musical horizons with synth-pop reminiscent of both British invasions (in the ’60s and ’90s). This was evident in the album’s first single, “An Army of Fat Synths,” produced by Stereolab’s Tim Gane.

The song, as the title suggests, is indeed full of fat synths, but not the kind we’d expect from such a promise. “An Army of Fat Synths” has more in common with the synths and melodies used on a classic Beatles album like Magical Mystery Tour, where synthesizers and guitars are in an equal range; one doesn’t overpower the other.

The video, in accordance with the weird playfulness of the lyrics, takes place during a vigil where the main character is “resurrected” by music, only to disappear into the ether. Check it out!