Video: Wild Honey's "Untitled Film Still 96" [ESP]

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A year after releasing his latest album, Big Flash, produced by Stereolab’s Tim Gane, Guillermo Farré is back with a short and sweet new WildHoney EP. Dear Cindy is the last of the Delicatessen series put out by Spanish label Jabalina, and it’s inspired by Untitled Film Stills, a photo series by artist Cindy Sherman. “Untitled Film Still 96” is a pretty indie pop tune in 3/4, with lovely vocals and the signature Wild Honey sound.

This is the first video ever made by director Pablo Serret de Ena, and, because of the fixed frame, it gives you the feeling of looking at a picture. And what a bizarre picture. The video is an accumulation of little actions executed by a cast of impossible characters in crazy costumes, including Farré himself and a cat. They appear one by one on screen until they saturate it. Don’t miss the funny little detail of the artist’s t-shirt, which changes the message according to each part of the song.

Check it out below:

[insert-video vimeo=92049651]