Video: Ximena Sariñana Covers Astro's "Ciervos"

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I should be excited for this. Artists covering each other within the scene is an exciting thing. One artist saying to the other, “Hey, you, over there in Chile, I’m excited about what you do all the way from Mexico. Woohoo.” But, this one doesn’t incite any excitement from me. Why? Because to me, Ximena Sariñana’s voice has always been pretty grating. It’s heavy and immature and thick and strives to do things I just don’t think it can do. It’s like if Mila Kunis tried to sing…it’s just not a thing I’d want to earnestly listen to. This isn’t to say Ximena isn’t talented. She’s just not as revered in the Capó-García household as Astro is. Which is why I don’t think this particular cover of the infectious “Ciervos works. Ximena slows things down and uses her voice to replace many of the intro synth elements, which means, there’s a LOT of Ximena voice looping in here, which means, I’m out. But, this is a free country…ish. So watch her KCRW session below and feel free to love/like it. You have my permission, which I know is very important.

[insert-video youtube=1XLFkQks1YY]