Video: Zenttric sings to "Lady Gaga"

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The Basque-based trio Zenttric drops another version to “Lady Gaga” today (check out the first one here). Since they released their EP in 2008 following their self-tiled debut in 2009, and several singles in between, the Spanish pop-rock group now kicks off with their first 2011 single jumping in the bandwagon sing themes in honor of Lady Gaga. The ditty is actually about a lady friend who reminds Gutxti of Lady G.

Naming the band Zenttric for “eccentric” and not “centric,” the self-claimed eccentric Gutxi Bibang (vox/guitar), Javi Moe (drums), and Iñigo Rozas (bass) have performed in stages following mega acts such as the Rolling Stones. The trio have also been nominated for Best Pop Album and Best New Artist in their home country a couple years back.

Catch the energetic fab three cheers to this catchy melodic tune where they fantasize about the other Gaga look-alike and rock it up at some club on Los 40.