Vive Latino 2013 Day 1: Winners and Losers

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Day 1 of Vive Latino is behind us – an emotional roller coaster that has us weeping (with joy) over the Porter reunion and weeping (with rage) over the fact that no texts went through ever. Lots of weeping basically. Here is our staff round up of the day’s winners and losers:


Joel Moya
Sales & Partnerships


1. Seeing Porter reunited back on stage.
2. Juan Cirerol’s entire set. He killed it.
3. Inadvertently inviting myself to ride back to the hotel in a van with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We talked a lot about Jameson and I tried to play it cool while secretly dying inside.


1. Traffic. You need to allot a solid hour to get anywhere here, especially on pay day when people are out in the streets HEAVY. I will never complain about the gridlock in NYC again.
2. Mexican WiFi. The struggle is real.
3. Morrissey canceling his Thursday set. 🙁

City Editor


1. The man I overheard say “Esta maravillosa esta pinche gringa” – re: Karen O.
2. Karen O. No one deep throats a mic like this woman.
3. Bosnian Rainbows for being the most fun interview ever. Stay tuned for the video coming later today.


1. Myself, for thinking I could subsist on nothing but Doritos, beer and mayo-bread masquerading as a sandwich without also bringing Pepto.
2. The weather. It was cloudy/rainy/cold BOOOOOO.
3. AT&T for consistently refusing to transmit any telecommunications of any kind while at Foro Sol. Shout out to walkie talkies though. Those were a life saver.

Freelance Writer and Former Editor


1. Writing my name on Juan Cirerol‘s hand after our interview and then seeing it on a jumbotron during close up of his hand playing guitar.
2. Seeing Omar Rodriguez-Lopez again and having him remember our interview from 2 years ago when I geeked out HARD. I’m a super fan.
3. The fact that in Mexico the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ lyrics “Wait (they don’t love you like I love you) is sung like this: “Guey, they don’t loh ju like I loh ju.” I’ll never sing it the original way again.
Honorable Mention: Being back with my Remezcla family (new and old) after 2 years!


1. The number of couples playing tonsil hockey all over the place. Chill, guys.
2. Being blue-balled once again by Morrissey. (Feel better!)
3. This outfit:

More to come this weekend. STAY TUNED.