Vive Latino 2013 Day 2: Winners and Losers

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More clouds, more cold, more tequila, MORE MUSIC. Here is our staff round up of the day’s winners and losers:


Joel Moya
Sales & Partnerships


1. Getting interviewed on Ibero radio about Remezcla and life in NYC. I’M FAMOUS BISHES.
2. Seeing Blur with fan in our hotel lobby.
3. Going to my favorite bar in Mexico City, El Imperial, to see a DJ set by Porter.


1. The waits for press shuttles at the end of the show. Things got desperate.
2. The mic mishaps during Ximena Sariñana‘s duet with Los Angeles Azules. They were so good, and I was bummed I couldn’t hear it properly.
3. Seeing Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur, throw water in a photographer’s face. Rude.

City Editor


1. Alex Anwandter for graciously indulging our attempts to learn from his dance mojo. Check the Vine of our dance moves hurr.
2. Camila Moreno – her set was unexpectedly one of my favorites of the day; super raw and exciting energy.
3. The drunk, middle aged man in our shuttle back to the hotel, who, for reasons too long to explain here, we dubbed “Billy Jean.” Just know that he was the near-cause of 17 car accidents, and then half way through the ride revealed that he’d been hiding his passed out wife between his legs on the floor of the passenger seat.
4. Toy Selectah, Remezcla’s unofficial Director of Human resources, for the late night counseling session in Remezcla’s media booth, and for still using a Blackberry.
5. Blackberry. See: above.


1. Still the weather/still the WiFi – the atmosphere in general was not cooperating. And by atmosphere I mean the gaseous envelope surrounding us, not the vibes. Vibes were good.
2. The fact that there seemed to be two available press vans to ferry 2349083290 journalists back to the hotels. The parking lot turned into Lord of the Flies, no joke.

Freelance Writer and Former Editor


1. Being a back-up dancer for Alex Anwandter for a split-second, and with this, fulfilling a life-long dream of being someone’s back-up dancer. Crossed off the bucket list.
2. Witnessing the Ulises Hadjis superband with Cheky (aka Algodón Egipcio aka one half of Jóvenes y Sexys) and Mexico’s Torreblanca.
3. Japandroids scoring a 17/20 on our Mexico-related quiz, which is simultaneously a LOSER event for me because I can only manage to score like a 7. This was made worse by them shoving it down my throat saying, “May I remind you, we’re from Canada.” Fail on my part.


1. Carpa Intolerante being so good but so far away.
2. Wack tortas at the Hospitality tent that made me feel like I was chugging vats of mayonnaise.
3. Weather report saying it was 72 degrees when it was definitely NOT 72 degrees. Not to the best day to wear a skirt.

STAY TUNED for Winners/Losers of the last day of Vive.