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Remember Wagoner? We featured them earlier this year a couple of times and gave away a few of their early tracks and a remix they did of M.I.S. for free. Well, now they have finally released an official EP, through Sicario Music, and it’s available on iTunes.

So yeah, they’re old friends of Remezcla’s and they asked us if we wanted to feature their new release, because you know, they’re very excited about it. So we asked them back if they had any new promo track to give away because that’s what our followers like the most and they said: “No but we can come up with something…”

Less than an hour later they had already come up with something. They sent us this short set of their most recent songs (including the remixes they did for M.I.S. and Mood Fu) in the form of a free mixtape exclusive for Remezcla’s followers! Note to other underground bands and up-and-coming artists: this definitely go our attention!

Anyway, their EP is titled Binaural Brainwave Modification Pt. 1 and as you might be able to assume by the title they’re into some futuristic, alien, dancefloor shit. I don’t know what to call it or how to describe it, I’m sure some nerdy bloggers out there can come up with a genre name. Honestly it doesn’t really matter what you call it, this is some hard-hitting dancefloor-igniting stuff that’s coming all the way from a post-apocalyptic Mexico City in the 23rd century, but you can start dancing to it now.

Wagoner Xclusive MiniMix 4 E REMEZCLA by Remezcla.com