WATCH: Alcover Pays Respect to Late Musical Partner Xtassy on New Song

Lead Photo: Photo by Alexis Ceballos Matinez.
Photo by Alexis Ceballos Matinez.
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The Dominican multi-faceted artist and producer Alcover, the surviving half of A&X, has released his first corrido tumbado “Yo Tengo Un Ángel,” a single that was announced just before the unexpected death of his musical partner Xtassy. With this life-changing event, the track that is co-produced by Mexican-American singer Adriel Favela now means something deeper for Alcover — especially since it describes how lucky the artist feels by having the security of a guardian angel watching over him. 

Although the single, which also features artists W Corona, Lucky Bossi, and Los Morroz, was created before the tragic death of Xtassy, the lyrics now resonate in a different manner to Alcover. The music video by Luxon Films shows us the featured artists in a troublesome setting, plotting and executing a robbery that ends up fatal to one of the artists (Titi Music of Los Morroz). The scenes of Alcover crying for the loss of a friend along with the song’s chorus could now unknowingly be interpreted as the real-life grieving of Xtassy, who is now Alcover’s new guardian angel: “Yo tengo un ángel / Que a mi me cuida a mis espaldas / Tengo un ángel / Las oraciones de mi abuela y de mi madre [I have an angel / Who watches out over my back / I have an angel  / My grandmother’s and my mother’s prayers].” Chills.

With a special dedication in the end for Alcover’s lifelong friend Xtassy, born Juan Alfonso Abreu, Alcover makes sure to shout out his close collaborator, with whom he made several hits with, such as Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” and Natti Natasha’s “Dutty Love.” Alcover also previously posted about Xtassy’s memorial which gave his fans a moment to celebrate the late producer’s life, music, and legacy on Feb. 18.

May Xtassy rest in peace.

Watch the “Yo Tengo Un Ángel” music video below.