WATCH: Bad Bunny Looks Back at His 2022 in Recap Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric Rojas
Photo by Eric Rojas
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We can’t kiss the year goodbye without Bad Bunny. On Dec. 19, Instagram unveiled a series of Reels templates to help recap your year. Among the chosen star narrators is Bad Bunny, who shared his 2022 recap with a heartfelt message to his fans and memorable clips of what was arguably one of the most important years in his music career thus far. The Instagram reel also features a rhythmic EDM remix of some of his most popular Un Verano Sin Ti tracks. Other templates include the voice of DJ Khaled, Stranger Things’ Priah Ferguson, and the Indian rapper Badshah.

“I told you already that we have to start worrying less and enjoying more because life goes by fast. Too fast. Like this year, I will carry in my heart forever,” Benito says during the Instagram Reel.


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The Reel starts off with Benito at the beach. He includes scenes of him wrestling at the WWE, a clip of his El Último Tour del Mundo 2022, as well as intimate moments with his bestie Gabriela Berlingeri and his dog. Other short video clips include him in the snow, the Un Verano Sin Ti promo era, and, of course, footage of his World’s Hottest Tour performances. He also shows a clip of him dancing at Club Fifty Eight and ends the recap with a shot of him with his loved ones, huddled together and screaming in celebration.

The videos and voiceovers are soundtracked by a jersey club EDM mesh of “Agosto” and “Neverita,” with sprinkled in parts of “Tití Me Preguntó” and “Ojitos Lindos.” He closes off the recap by saying: “Grateful for all the beautiful moments I was able to enjoy, and for all the people who were part of it. We are ready to start 2023.

What’s next for the Puerto Rican global icon? Next year, he’s set to take care of his well-being. “I’m taking a break. 2023 is for me, for my physical health, my emotional health to breathe, enjoy my achievements,” he told Billboard in a recent interview. “We’re going to celebrate. Let’s go here, let’s go there, let’s go on the boat. I have a couple of sporadic commitments, and I’ll go to the studio, but there’s no pressure. Remember yourself, cabrón. You’ve worked your ass off.”