WATCH: Bizarrap & Natanael Cano Drop Double-Single for ‘BZRP Music Sessions #59’

Lead Photo: Photo by Pedro Colmeiro.
Photo by Pedro Colmeiro.
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After weeks of speculation, Bizarrap’s collaboration with Natanael Cano is officially out! The Argentinean producer teamed up with the corridos tumbados pioneer for his newest “BZRP Music Sessions #59,” or as fans call it, “Endiamantado.” The result? Not one, but a two-song collaboration, accompanied by a surprise second track, “Entre las de 20.” 

Per the press release, “BZRP Music Sessions #59” came from a spontaneous meeting between the two artists in Miami in 2021. During an Instagram Live (Apr. 3), Biza said that they wrote “a thousand” versions of the track and its lyrics. He also mentioned that the only thing they didn’t change was the chorus and a part of the Cano’s verse. 

“BZRP Music Sessions #59” starts with Cano rapping about being on top – but not without going through struggles. He flaunts his riches but reminds his listeners how hard he worked for what he’s enjoying now. He also calls out the government, saying if they have a problem, he would leave in his jet. The singer also name-drops Rafa Caro [Quintero], [Carlos] Gardel, Frank Sinatra, and Lil Wayne. 

Sonically, it highlights an acoustic guitar melody over electronic synthesizers and trap sounds. Towards the end of the music session, the song’s BPM increases, putting Biza’s signature electronic production at the center.

The surprise song, “Entre las de 20,” features the Mexican singer in his corridos tumbados element. The track highlights música mexicana’s hard-hitting guitar strings and bass. The music video shows Biza and Cano racing horses together through the night. Biza then gets shot by Argentinean actor Diego Cremonesi, dressed in angel wings. Nata shoots back in Western film fashion. Another noteworthy frame shows both artists at a club while Korean-Argentinean DJ Anita B Queen is spinning.

This marks Biza’s second time working with a música mexicana figurehead. Last year, he dropped “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 55” with Peso Pluma. Other Mexican artists who have joined him in the studio include Snow Tha Product, Aczino, and Alemán.

Up next, Bizarrap is performing at Coachella on Apr. 12 and 19. He’s also performing in New York, NY, on May 22.

Check out “BZRP Music Sessions #59” and Entre las de 20 below.