WATCH: Bizarrap & Villano Antillano Release An Epic Collaboration

Lead Photo: Photo by Lautaro Furiolo.
Photo by Lautaro Furiolo.
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This is not a drill: Bizarrap just dropped his latest session and his guest is none other than the Puerto Rican rapper Villano Antillano. Point blank: let’s just say it’s better than we could have ever imagined. Here’s how Antillano slayed Bizarrap’s Music Session #51, which came out today (June 8) — just in time for Pride month.

Bouncing from an electronic futuristic sound to trap to hip-hop, the Argentinian music producer laid down a genre-bending beat fit for Antillano. The “Muñeca” rapper commands the production from the start with the unapologetic lyrics: “Que si tengo flow cabrón, que si meto la presión / Si tu no puedes conmigo, mala mía / Que si vengo pesaíta, que si ya tengo tetitas / Si me tiré con tu gato, mala mía,” setting the sassy tone for the three minute and seven-second track. 

She delivers her immaculate flow throughout the video with her signature playful attitude. Towards the end of the session, she cools herself down with a Japanese-like handheld fan, fittingly after executing such a fire session.

“HUMBLY, many of you find it hard to make your peace with the truth and your discomfort with me… you hate what I do and you resent me because you know that you can’t take away who I am,” the Puerto Rican rapper wrote on an Instagram post. “Despite your troubles, I am excellent and I match up with the best talents without having half of their resources.” She then gave thanks to her loyal fans, pointing out that her success isn’t due to materialistic things but rather “because of the respect of the people who recognize that there are greater things than an artist or a genre.” 

Lately, Bizarrap has been on point with his music production. While we don’t know who’s his next feature, we are happily putting #51 on replay.

Watch “VILLANO ANTILLANO || BZRP Music Sessions #51” below.