WATCH: Bomba Estéreo & Manu Chao Team Up For “Me Duele”

Lead Photo: Photo by Valerie Amor.
Photo by Valerie Amor.
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The Colombian electro-cumbia stars Bomba Estéreo teamed up with Manu Chao for a dazzling new single, “Me Duele,” which is worth listening to on repeat. For fans, it’s Bomba’s second serving of music after their appearance on Bad Bunny’s “Ojitos Lindos,” a track that’s surpassed more than 500 million streams from the Billboard chart-breaking record Un Verano Sin Ti

The three-minute track showcases the colorful vitality that has maintained Bomba Estéreo’s eclectic sound since its inception in 2006. The music video shows Manu Chau and Bomba Estéreo’s Liliana Saumet dancing around bright cardboard construction paper, bringing to life a vibrant world filled with endless possibilities for creation. The animation and full-of-life aura in the video are contagious, something most fans could appreciate in order to shake off any mid-day gloom. To say the least, it’s the best track to get your day started. 

“We are very happy to collaborate with one of the greatest artists ever,” shares Bomba’s founder Simón Mejía of the group’s Manu Chau collaboration. “This song was created during a wonderful organic collaboration. It’s a song about how pain can always find its relief during difficult times and life can come back to its essential beauty.”

The new collaboration was created during a Manu Chao visit to Saumet’s home studio on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, making it the perfect spot to create a masterpiece. A portion of the song’s royalties will also be donated to Costeño Social, a school in Guachaca, near Saumet’s hometown. 

In a recent Twitter post by Bomba Estéreo, they share their appreciation and admiration for working with the French-Spanish songwriter Manu Chao. “Happy to have worked with an artist friend and example as @Manu Chao. “Me Duele”’ is finally available on all platforms! The first six months of these royalties will support the Costeño Social Foundation. Don’t stop listening to it!”

“Me Duele” arrives just as the group launched their first headlining U.S. tour in support of their GRAMMY-nominated album Deja

Check out the music video for “Me Duele” below.