Watch: Capri's Amateurish Collage "Big Time" [ARG]

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Capri has a new video and it’s radically different from his previous work. For starters, he didn’t direct this one himself, as he usually does. Nyco Dyszel did, so if you were expecting yet another sequel to the fabulous Disco Tape saga, you might be disappointed. Instead of all the disco glitz and young/pretty faces, the “Big Time” video goes in the opposite direction, with amateurish effects, lo-fi images, kitsch and un-glamourous locations. It’s all edited in a seemingly random collage that has little to do with the song’s theme. Still, a lot of fun if you imagine how stoned they must have been while filming.

“Big Time” belongs to Capri’s latest three-song EP titled Heart Body & Soul (unfortunately it’s not commercially available outside Argentina yet). The other two tracks on the EP have more up-tempo disco grooves. All three are in English. There’s also a remixed version of the EP that includes a revision of “Big Time” done by Gustavo Cerati‘s son, Benito.

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