Watch Cuco Make Abuelita-Level Enchiladas Verdes in This Cooking Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Cameron Postforoosh
Photo by Cameron Postforoosh
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As if Cuco hadn’t already proven to be a man of many talents – from playing multiple instruments on his records, to cracking us up on the internet all day via his earnest tweets – he also wants you to know he’s got the Mexican food game on lock. In this video by Tasty, the 21-year-old Omar Banos shows off his culinary skills by making green chicken enchiladas from scratch.

From the fresh tomatillos, to his decision to leave the seeds in the serrano peppers, Banos proves he’s not just a master of indie-pop culture, but shows that he also knows how to make abuelita-approved enchiladas to a T.

What do you think of his recipe?