WATCH: Eladio Carrión & Anuel AA Are Sad Boys on “Triste Verano”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Rimas Entertainment.
Courtesy of Rimas Entertainment.
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On Apr. 14, the Puerto Rican rapper Eladio Carrión released his new track featuring Anuel AA titled “Triste Verano.” The result? A sad boy summer reggaeton and trap-infused anthem about the one who got away.

“YOU ASKED FOR IT AND HERE IT IS #TRISTEVERANO WITH THE BROTHER @anuel NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS🔥🔥🔥🔥 NO FALLAMOO😤,” Remezcla’s newest cover star announced on an Instagram post.

The music video follows the rappers gloomily doing everyday tasks. We see Anuel getting his hair done and Carrión eating cereal–both with sad faces as they reminisce and lay verses about past lovers. As the song’s title indicates, the track embodies triste lyrics like: “Verano sin ti, me tiene’ aquí / De junio hasta agosto / Mal de la cabeza porque tú no regresa’ / Otro verano sin ti / Odio San Valentín [Summer without you, it’s got me’ here / From June to August / Sick in the head because you won’t come back / Another summer without you / I hate Valentine’s Day].” They’re giving their audience a new emotional song to vibe to.

It goes without saying that the artists’ followers are into the track and new music video. A Twitter user wrote, “Eladio [is] reviving Anuel with the song Triste verano.” Another Twitter user echoed the same sentiment, “my god what a great song by Eladio Carrión and Anuel AA.”

Other social media users are speculating about who Anuel’s singing. A Twitter user said, “Eladio tqm💓🫶🏽 , Anuel after a marriage is after his ex😂.” Another social media user wrote, “Triste verano is for karol g and nobody can take that out of my mind.”

Regardless of who it’s for, the two artists are at a career high. Carrión’s making his Coachella debut this weekend and he recently announced the lineup for his upcoming Sauce Boyz Fest. On the other hand, Anuel’s set to embark on his Legends Never Die tour on Apr. 28 in Orlando, FL.

Watch the music video for “Triste Verano” below.