WATCH: Feid Opens Up About His Personal Life in Sprite’s Limelight Collaboration

Lead Photo: Photo by Felipe Molina.
Photo by Felipe Molina.
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Sometimes there’s a silver lining to tragic events. Such is the case with Feid’s motorcycle accident, which was the prime inspiration for his new track “MXfiX G5.” This new song is part of Sprite’s Limelight’s “Heat” stories, highlighting how artists overcome challenges in their lives with positivity. 

The collaboration came out of serendipity. Believe it or not, it was sparked by Feid’s signature color green. “Last year at the Ferxxo U.S. Trip, we met someone from UMG Global who said, ‘You guys are all about green and you haven’t done anything with Sprite?’” he recounts to Remezcla. “And it helped us get on the table and get the project going. They loved it. Aside from everything being green, we did this whole thing that’s just getting started.”

Sprite’s Limelight celebrates untold stories by prominent and emerging artists across cultures. It’s the brand’s global music program that unites international creative artists to collaborate on original songs that tie in with personal moments of their lives. Along with the original track, the collaboration also includes immersive “Heat Confessionals” and in-studio visuals with the artists that give a closer look into their creative process. This year, Sprite partnered with Ryan Tedder to highlight global talent like Cassper Nyovest, Lexa, Lay Zhang, and, of course, Feid.

Though it kicked off due to a color preference, the collaboration goes deeper than that. “MXfiX G5” is a song that opens up about Feid’s personal life, which he doesn’t often do. “The inspiration for the song was literally to talk a little bit about very personal things that I don’t like to talk about in interviews or joke about, so I talked about my motorcycle accident,” he says. His inspiration was also the transition of moving to Miami from Medellín, which he says he loves now.

Thanks to Sprite’s Limelight’s music film, Feid’s audience can better understand what went on through his mind when the tragic accident occurred. The video gives insight into what happened through x-rays and reenacted visuals. It also shares how Feid felt. “What I felt after the accident was the greatest pain imaginable. I tried to move my leg, and it wasn’t responsive,” Feid shared in the video. “At that moment, I thought: ‘I don’t know how I’m going to get over this. But I have to make it for my fans to this show in February.’”

The video also features intimate videos of him in crutches as he worked on music and doing physical therapy to make his leg feel better.

As far as working with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder goes, Feid says he’s a simple person and that he was easy to work with. In a press conference, the American singer-songwriter shared he’s been watching Feid “explode” globally in the last six months. “What he did with [the collaboration] was incredible,” he said about Feid. “He really took it to his own universe… it feels like a huge record to me.”

Watch the official video for “MXfiX G5” below.