Watch Fernando Milagros' “Puzzle,” ft. Rubén Albarrán

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The Chilean singer-songwriter presents the video for this song (pronounced “pooz-léh,” Cono Sur-style) that starts like a ballad, mutates into something bouncier, but retains its deep and emotional heavy sentiment throughout the song. It says it “features” the Café Tacuba frontman, but it feels more like a duet, with Albarrán singing a verse, a chorus and a ton more.

Directed by Luciano Rubio (who has handled videos by Gepe and Coiffeur, among others), the single from Fernando’s latest LP, Nuevo Sol, shows various characters singing the lyrics in a sort of trance. A chef, a priest, a couple of lovers, and a bleeding luchador are among the people who are spewing Milagros’ feelings only to come alive in the last part of the song, when they break their stasis and jump, scream, and get hyped to life. It’s a mighty display of emotional rapture.

The video fits the serious overtones of the music. Both are dramatic in their intimate and catchy pop melodies.

Check “Puzzle” below.

[insert-video youtube=NMV-oMyeYlg]