WATCH: Follow Paulo Londra & Ed Sheeran’s Night Out in London on “Noche De Novela”

Lead Photo: Photo by Mark Surridge.
Photo by Mark Surridge.
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On Aug. 11, the popular Argentinian artist Paulo Londra teamed up with the English pop singer Ed Sheeran on their newest collaboration, “Noche de Novela.” Along with the new feel-good pop track, Londra released an endearing video that demonstrates the artists’ friendship to go with it.

“So happy @paulolondra is back releasing music, returning the favour to my brother from when he featured on no.6 with me,” Ed Sheeran wrote on an Instagram post. “I bloody love him, and so happy he’s back, hope you like the song ! And congrats Paulo, you rock. Noche de novela out now on all platforms.”

“Noche de Novela” describes the anticipation of having a good night, and embracing the moment. Londra embodies this with lyrics like, “Dejé los males afuera / Cuando en el party vino ella / Una noche de novela [I left the troubles outside / When she came to the party / A novela night.” 

The Greg Davenport and Argentina Cine-directed and produced music video follows the pair as they enjoy their night out in London. They are seen happily singing their verses alongside each other, vibing out, in a neon-lit environment.

“What can I say, recording with Ed once again is a privilege, I admire him a lot!” Londra said in a press statement. “During the whole recording I was very excited and grateful and whenever I can I try to tell him how much I admire him.”

Fans are thrilled about the vocalists’ second collaboration. A Twitter user wrote: “How can Paulo Londra and Ed Sheeran be so different musically but go so well together?”

Youtuber user x6_steve _-_ notes that although Ed doesn’t speak Spanish, he seems to pick the right people to collaborate with. “I love that Ed Sheeran is one of the few non-Spanish speaking artists that pays attention to this world, great Ed, he really knows who to hang out with.”

Needless to say, the two make great pop music together. We hope to continue to see this friendship blossom both personally and professionally.

Watch the music video for “Noche de Novela” below.