Watch Fonobisa’s Nightmare Journey in the “8:59” Video [MEX]

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A couple years ago, Edgar Mota was responsible for creating luminous, sample-heavy tunes with hip hop inclinations under the name Collateral Soundtrack. But that was then, because now he’s gone dark and changed his name to Fonobisa. While his first EP, Frecuencia Errónea (2013, Lowers) was all about juke and footwork explorations, he has slowly shifted to house and weird club music territories, as showcased on his 12:68 EP, released last year.

“8:59” is the fourth song of the EP, and it’s a creepy listen. Chilean crew Matilde Audiovisuales felt that too, and they made a music video for it that perfectly fits its mood. Here we find a man sleeping in his bed, having a disturbing nightmare where he wonders through the city and sees a ghost biker. He voices unintelligible lyrics half asleep, and we can finally distinguish the words “ya váyanse,” as he rolls in his bed. But is it really all a dream? This is all very unsettling, but, of course, in the best of ways.

FONOBISA 8:59 from matilde audiovisuales on Vimeo.