WATCH: iLe & Ivy Queen Express Feminine Liberation on “Algo Bonito” Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Jose De Villegas.
Photo by Jose De Villegas.
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On Mar. 2, iLe released her new music video for “Algo Bonito,” her collaboration with Ivy Queen. The song is part of her latest album Nacarile. These new empowering visuals come ahead of iLe’s tour, which she will embark on this weekend.

“It is a video that expresses feminine liberation with a play between the past and the present,” iLe said in a press statement. “Having Ivy Queen on ‘Algo Bonito’ is a reminder that thanks to voices like hers our fight as women keeps growing stronger.”

On the other hand, La Caballota said: “iLe’s work is elegant. With ‘Algo Bonito,’ I believe that the intention is for men to listen, understand, and respect us better. That was one of the reasons why I jumped to be on the song.”

The creative music video, directed by Claudia Calderón, starts with iLe hanging with her hair clipped on a line dry. We see her sharpening wooden objects and holding a knife as she sings her opening verse. By the end of the verse, she unties her hair from the line dry.

Ivy is then shown with red hair and wearing an elegant red dress with sparkling metallic earrings to match it as she’s tied to a wooden pole. She raps her powerful verse that includes the epic phrase: “Nunca he creído que callaíta me veo mas linda [I’ve never believed that I look prettier when I’m quiet].” Ivy also frees herself from being tied, presumably showing how powerful she is.

Towards the video’s end, the two empowering women are shown dressed in all-black in the middle of a fire. “That fire represents the collective union, the defiance, the rage we feel inside,” iLe told Rolling Stone.

iLe is set to start her Nacarile USA Tour this weekend. She on Mar. 3 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and wraps it up on Mar. 23 at The Angeles in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Other cities she will visit include Somerville, MA (Mar. 4), New York, NY (Mar. 5), Chicago, IL (Mar. 8), Los Angeles, CA (Mar. 11), San Francisco, CA (Mar. 13), and Austin, TX (Mar. 15).

Watch the music video for “Algo Bonito” below.