Watch Kool A.D.'s "The Front," feat. Toro Y Moi & Amaze 88 [USA]

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There’s a saying that says how work isn’t really work if you like your job or some-such nonsense. In the case of Kool A.D., former member of hip-hop trio Das Racist, dude’s been putting in hella “non-work” since 2010 as he’s released a minimum of two mixtapes per year since then.

“The Front” comes from his latest mixtape, Word O.K., which dropped earlier this year (one more to fill that quota!). The track/video features chillwave/synthpop guru Toro Y Moi and producer Amaze 88 who also lays down a few lines.

The whole thing is super chill what with these three dudes just cruisin’, fixin’ flat tires, smokin’ spliffs, and holding umbrellas for each other.

Also, is it just me or does Toro look like a young, hipster version of Cornel West?

[insert-video youtube=lSvAIK4lqmY]