Watch Lavial's Solo Goth Dance Party in “Cabaret” Video [ARG]

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The way this video presents itself, you can either take it at face value or go deeper to find context and meaning. Choosing the later, one can probably identify a certain strain of new pop art where fringe (and often ridiculed) subcultures are juxtaposed with sounds that could be heard as opposite to the visuals. If you take it at face value, though, then it’s a fun video for a fun song.

Lavial are a four piece band from Buenos Aires. Their debut full-length album was produced by Miranda! bassist Monoto Grimaldi as well as Juan Totarolo, and it’s a delightful piece of plastic pop in the best way possible. Dani Umpi had a hand in writing some of the songs but, for the most part, Alina, Laura, Nina and Sofía (apparently, they don’t like last names) handle themselves amazingly.

The video for “Cabaret” features a goth/industrial dancer (Aleera) who gets down with the saccharine sounds of Lavial. The kicker is that she has some amazing moves, and the contrast works to their advantage. At this point in time, its silly to nitpick over genres and what you are allowed to do in each one. With that spirit, “Cabaret” seems to be asking, “why not have a party?”

Here’s the video.

[insert-video youtube=bDkoTAGyEp0]