WATCH: Mariah Carey Sings Hanukkah Song to Twins to Celebrate the Jewish Holiday

Lead Photo: Photo by FOX via Getty Images
Photo by FOX via Getty Images
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Mariah Carey is arguably known as the unofficial Queen of Christmas. Not only has she turned “All I Want for Christmas Is You” into a mini holiday empire, her Christmas announcement is the official start of the holiday season. It’s Carey’s Winter Wonderland, we all just happen to be lucky enough to live in it. Now, she is using her power to help celebrate Hanukkah.

In a video posted to Twitter, Carey is seen singing a song to her children in an attempt to introduce them to a little bit of Hanukkah. Carey sings to Moroccan and Monroe, “Hanukkah is coming / Hanukkah is coming / That’s the time we have the happiest days.” The twins, while listening, seem unamused (after all they’re kids) that their mother, Mariah Carey, is giving them a solo concert.

Fans are already lining up to celebrate her growth into highlighting a different holiday. Carey tells the twins that the song is something she learned from her teachers as a way to welcome in the Jewish holiday. There is another song with the title “Hanukkah is Coming” inspired by a children’s book explaining the holiday, but the words are different.

Hanukkah is officially underway starting November 28 and lasting until December 6. And Carey giving the holiday some love cements her as the holiday queen.

It is customary for a lot of attention to turn to Carey during this time. Her staying power as a Christmas icon is undeniable. She has a new special coming out on Apple TV+ called “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues.” The singer’s holiday special will help her introduce the world to her new holiday single “Fall in Love at Christmas.”

That’s right. Carey is gifting us a new holiday song featuring Khalid and Kirk Franklin.